Raspberry Lemonade (Sugar Free)

Healthy, vegan and sugar-free raspberry lemonade made with coconut water. No artificial sweeteners either!

Raspberry Lemonade (Sugar-free) | The Breakfast Drama Queen

Around four years ago I used to drink at least one can of Diet Coke every day. Ten years ago I had an impressive collection of glass Coke bottles.

Why the obsession with Coke? I don’t know exactly. Caffeine addiction? Perhaps. Addiction to whatever it is they use instead of sugar? Probably.

Since ‘moderation’ is a foreign concept to me, these days I almost never drink soda (or soft drink, fizzy drink, pop – or whatever you call it). When I tried Diet Coke again last year, it just tasted… weird.

However, I’ve always had a soft spot for lemonade. Especially pink lemonade, because, well, it’s pink!

Raspberry Lemonade (Sugar-free) | The Breakfast Drama Queen

Just to be clear, by ‘lemonade’ I mean the stuff that actually tastes like lemons. Not drinks such as Sprite, which are basically candy water.

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